Can someone from rural America please translate this sign. Chicken breeds?
Guinea Skeets + Bantams For Sale


Who wants boring Fair fries when we have a delicious VT version of Au Pied de Cochon’s Poutine at @clairesvt
Who wants boring Fair fries when we have a delicious VT version of Au Pied de Cochon's Poutine at @clairesvt


Check out this hail! It sounded like a hail storm of bullets!!

It's raining bullets


Osprey in nest, Ferrisburgh, VT

Wilson’s Snipe – Waterbury, VT

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Apr 262010

While photographing a barn this little guy ran up to me and stayed at my feet until I attempted to crouch down to photograph him at eye level. As soon as I stood backup he came running back. I can’t figure it out, I think maybe he thought my brown shoes were potential mates.

Jan 182010

RIP Honey


Google Maps Car?

Sunset on I-89

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Jul 192009

For literally the best BBQ north of North Carolina you have to head to Curtis BBQ in Putney, VT. The ribs are great but it’s the sauce that makes it such a winner. You can’t get anything else like it anywhere outside of Carolinas. Don’t forget their cheese baked potato; it’s loaded with a very generous pile of shredded Vermont cheddar cheese and I’m pretty sure it was Grafton Cheddar. So good!

Curtis BBQ, Plainfield, VT


Nearly every time I pass through Lincoln, VT I have to stop at this beautiful barn and see what the sky and light looks like. The view from this hill is topnotch and one of my favorite spots for panoramas. If I ever get a GigaPan mount this is the first place I’m heading.


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