The Alchemist Pub And Brewery (@alchemistbeer) is requesting photographs of their pub.

It sounds like their insurance company is requiring photographic evidence of the pub from before the flood in the hopes nothing can be produced and they can lowball all the losses. Don’t you just love insurance adjusters?

I went through my catalog and dug up these. They’re nothing spectacular but the pub owners are requesting every photo you might have.

The first five were literally some of the first photographs I made with my Nikon 14-24mm lens. I was just playing around with it while waiting for a table.

They show almost the entire public space of the main floor so I’m hoping they’ll be helpful to to the owners. If they are, it once again shows why you should never delete anything.

The root beer snapshot was grabbed with an old iPhone 3G just for upload to Twitter. I doubt it’ll be of any help but again they did say they want a copy of EVERY photo from the pub.


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